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This page is designed to help people who are looking for a trainer by answering many questions before you even call. Of course, if you don't learn what you need here; feel free to call 402-679-5316 anytime during regular business hours. Remember, Jim may be out training or competing, so you may need to leave a message. He will return your call as soon as possible.

How old does my dog need to be for training?
Generally we don't start field training until the pup is around 6 months of age. Basic Puppy training, though, can be started earlier than that. Of course, older than that is fine, too!!

How long does it take to train my hunting dog?
Most dogs can be trained to an acceptable hunting level with the 3 month program, however, each dog is an individual and may have slight variations. If the owner has special requests, this may also extend the stay. All of these things will be thoroughly discussed between trainer and owner before the training starts.

I live in another state...how do I get my dog to you?
Occasionally, we can arrange to meet you part way. However, most out-of-state dogs are flown in to the Omaha airport or brought in by land-haulers. We also have a great network of friends and clients that we trust, which allows us to often "shuttle" a dog to us if needed.

Can I come and visit my dog?
We ask that owners give the dog 10 days to acclimate to the kennel environment and our handling. After that, we encourage owners to make appointments and visit. It is the best way to learn how to handle your dog!

What do I need to bring when I drop off my dog?
Your dog, (of course) with a 1" nylon collar, and proof of vaccinations from your vet. You can bring a small amount of food to ease the transition and heartworm pills, flea control or any other special supplements.

Do I need to send my dog's food with him/her?
We like to have a small amount of food (i.e. an ice cream bucket full) so that we can transition them to our food, but food is included in the on-site training prices.

Will the dog listen to me when it comes home?
Yes. We ask owners to plan on spending an hour with us when they pick up their dog. This allows us to teach the owner how to handle the dog; which commands to use, how to reinforce it, how to make a correction and what to expect from the dog. Phone support is available after you get home. Jim can talk most people through any problems. Remember, he guarantees his results.

Do you use electronic training collars?
Yes we do. We have developed a system where the collar is used as a teaching tool, NOT for punishment. There is no pain involved in this training method.

My dog is on medication, is this a problem?
We will gladly administer heartworm preventitives and flea control. Please mention anything outside of that, so we can be sure it is safe for your dog and our other client dogs. We don't want an infectious dog in the kennel.

What breeds do you train for hunting?
We train all hunting breeds.

Are private lessons available for me and my dog?
Yes. Please call for details.

Are you available to do seminars or clinics?
Yes. We do several seminars and clinics each year. Call for date availability and rates.

Do you sell dogs?
We occasionally have AKC registered German Shorthair Pointers and/or German Wirehaired Pointers of various ages for sale. We train for several kennels (of different breeds) that we can recommend too.

If you do not find the answers for your questions here; call 402-679-5316 to speak with Jim or 402-679-1565 to speak with Rhonda.

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