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Titleholders & Awards

Over the years Jim has trained & handled dogs to many titles. Some of those dogs have gone on to be owner-handled, too. Here is the..

Roster of Champions

West in Molly JH
Joey West in Sally JH
FC Roff's Rauchfahne Duke
FC/AFC West in Kojac's Gina
FC/AFC Kojac's Peggy
DC/AFC Soo Line's Allied Freighter
CH Willy Point Roosters SH
NatCh/FC Showtime's Rollin' Thunder
CH Ansel's Brillow Ally
5xCH/FC/AFC Trace's Silver Twist
CH Brillow's MIA Spoiled Peach
FC/AFC Didn't Pick It
NatCh/FC Steel Creek's Real Windy
FC/AFC MPK's Special Edition
FC KC's Generator
FC Snake River Chinese Checker
FC Jordean's Tuff Guy MH
CH Brillow Ally's Li'l Snippet
FC Labur's Raw Power
FC Windyhill's Slammin' Sammy
FC/AFC Erbe's Fireginger
FC Evolution's Solo Brown
FC Shell Shocked Dandy
FC Roc n Reggie Shakin' the Shaq
FC/AFC King's Desert Dancer
FC Sweet Skedaddling Sue
Luke Blake's Cazz JH
FC Moesgaard's Tell Bobby
2xNFC/FC Brillow's Wild West Show
FC Oakridge's Outlaw
FC Flashy Ricky Ticky Rocknfire
3xCH/FC JC's Dixieland Rollin' Bonanza
FC Obsessions Record Breaking Thyme
FC/AFC Keg Creek Deuce Coupe
FC/AFC Dixieland's Smokin' Dancer
FC Oakridge's Smokin' Cracker
GCH/NAFC/DC/AFC Ariel's Justa Gotta Go Now
2xCH/2xNGDC/FC Slick's Cuttin Wild
FC Big Mac Ranger
FC/AFC Erbe's Fireflasher
Whitetail Eli's Brother JH
FC Zaltana Katheran the Great
Jessie Clownie Ann JH
FC Sin City Streak
NFC/FC On Point's Son of the Max
Buckin Bronco Bronson JH
Princess Kala Blue JH
Boomer JH
FC/AFC Tjust Lucky Three Spot
FC Oakridge's Sport
FC Ariel's S'Shots Justa One Hot Mama
NGDC/FC/AFC I'm Maddie
FC Ruger's Clown AKA Leo
FC Borg's Nightsky Eclipse
FC Jay-Mar's How Do You Like Me Now JH
DC Sure Shot's Sonora Gone Heywire
NFC/NGDC/FC Brillows Big Wild Western
FC Sure Shots Pretty Summer Endless Play JH
CH Heywire N Justa's Look Who's Talkin' CDX
FC Gitz-Er-Done
FC Brillows Wild West Ponder Rosa
FC MPK's Pale Rider
FC High Powers  Jolt to the System
CH Heywire Looks Like Almond Joy at Reece BN RN LA JH
FC Uodibar's Freebee
2XNAFC/FC/AFC Bigoaks Sweet Thing
Brillows Justa Breakin All the Rules JH
FC Erbe's Firepowder
Brillows Justa JJJ Drifter RN CGC
Wildwires Immanoangel JH
FC/AFC Hanshaw's Raising the Dead
NWGDC/FC/AFC Rollin Thunder's Pocket Watch
FC Brillows Justa W'west Here Wego Again
FC Kojac's Mischievous Spirit
AFC BCK Joyful Lileejune Shoefly
FC Ricky Ticky's Foxy Lady
FC Brillows Sureshot Hardknock Doc

If you are a client or former client and see that we have missed your dog's accomplishments, please let us know so that we can correct it!

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